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    Guide to Posting & Gaming Empty Guide to Posting & Gaming

    Post by Troyer on Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:22 am

    So this is a forum. A giant online group text, more or less. It's open to the public, so do not post any personal information you don't want out there.

    In a text, you send messages. This is no different, though the structure is not quite so fluid and simple as a phone text. Think of this more as an email structure, and you've got it.

    In the text panel, on tops are the general options for formatting. Bold, Italics, Center lined, Justified, bullet points and so on. If you're on a computer, you can hover over it.

    There are also options for more advanced stuff, linking pictures, and coloring your text. It's not necessary for posting, but there if you want to experiment.

    Down below thare are weird things like post options, calendar events, and whatnot. You can ignore that totally. All you need to know is there's a SEND button down at the bottom.

    So you type up whatever, and hit Send. No big deal. If you have any questions, feel free to call or text me (those of you who know me, anyway) and I'll walk you through it.

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    Guide to Posting & Gaming Empty Re: Guide to Posting & Gaming

    Post by Troyer on Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:38 am

    Now, gaming. I'll post something about your surroundings, situation, role-play, whatever. You then simply tell me, or describe in 3rd person, what your character is going to do/is doing.

    An example:

    Player: Steve walks into the Tavern and looks for a dice game.
    GM: Roll perception to see if you see/hear anything about it.
    Player: (rolls 17, tells me what he's rolled taking into account any Perception Proficiency, or other modifier)
    GM: You see clearly that there are two games going on in the east side of the tavern. One table seems to have an open seat.
    Player: I walk over and sit down, asking the players if I can join in.
    GM: The dealer (assuming it's cards) tells you what sort of buy-in or rules to expect.
    "How much do you want to put down?"
    Player: "I have 10 gold here." When it's my turn, I want to Sleight of Hand to cheat the table.
    GM: Roll for the action.
    Player: I roll a 6.
    GM: The players at the table roll for Perception. They beat your 6. They call you out and are angry, one of them stands and brandishes a knife. Do you wish to fight?
    Player: Uh... yeah, I can take him!
    GM: Roll for initiative.

    At this point, you've entered combat. The structure will largely remain the same. Please be ready with your actions and your dice rolls, and then I'll roll for the NPCs. As you give me the numbers, I'll put them in keeping track on my end of the NPCs. I'll continue describing events and conditions until one party is victorious, breaks combat, or whatever.

    During combat, you'll be rolling to both hit the guy and in some cases, such as spells or effects, how much damage you're dealing. To keep the need for posting mid-combat down, if you're attacking, tell me both the attack roll and how much damage you inflict IF the attack hits.

    Now, should the rest of the party be off elsewhere doing their thing, I'll probably combine my responses depending on what they're doing, but I'll be sure to adequately separate and address players by name and details so we can keep it organized. This allows players to keep acting on their own without having to wait on someone else to finish their thing. Such as:

    Steve: I'm going to kick the knife-wielding gambler.
    Boris: I want to haggle with this horse keeper to buy a mount.
    DM: Steve, roll for the attack and possible damage if the attack hits.
    Boris, roll for Persuasion.

    Meanwhile, there might be those times such as Steve in the tavern that another party member comes to the fight later, but wishes to join to help an ally. It's simple enough, really. If Bob wants to join in, I'll ask for initiative to place him in the combat order, and dump him into the appropriate slot for the new round of combat. As soon as someone wishes to join a fight, simply tell me Initiative, target, action, and damage. That way we won't have to have endless back and forth. Meanwhile, if said target is killed before Bob gets to hit him, THEN I'll ask for a new set of orders before executing his round.

    Things like that will happen from time to time, so no worries. I'll always check with you in situations where I need such info.

    Again, any questions please ask.

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